Limited Edition

Dark Cocoa Cookie Cashew Butter


The third and final flavor in our Customer Flavor Series, Dark Cocoa Cookie was dreamed up by Keegan McAuliffe and inspired by her favorite cookie. This vegan cashew butter is sweetened with coconut sugar and blended with Black Velvet Cocoa Powder—the secret ingredient for its signature cookie taste.

Keegan shares her inspiration: “From snacking on Oreos at my grandparents’ cabin each summer to happily devouring a cookies ‘n cream milkshake on the long car rides home after soccer games, my childhood is filled with fond memories of dark cocoa cookies. I love that this nut butter perfectly captures this nostalgic flavor in the form of a healthy, chocolatey nut butter spread.”

Try It: On ice cream, yogurt, in smoothies & in these cookies 'n cream-inspired truffles!

Allergen Information
Dark Cocoa Cookie being scooped with a spoon
Dark Cocoa Cookie being scooped with a spoon