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Healthy Hot Cocoa with Nut Butter, 4 Ways (Via So Fresh N So Green)


There are so many delicious treats you can make with our nut butters! From banana bread to nut butter cookies, we've got a recipe for everyone!

Healthy Hot Cocoa with Nut Butter, 4 Ways (Via So Fresh N So Green)

Carolyn Cesario

CBD Lavender Honey (bottom) + Coconut Cardamom (top)

CBD Lavender Honey (bottom) + Coconut Cardamom (top)

Lauren of So Fresh N So Green has mastered hot cocoa — and she’s taught us that a little nut butter will bring any hot cocoa recipe to life!

So it’s time to ditch the sugary, processed (and let's be honest, bland) hot cocoa packets for these rich, creamy, and superfood-stacked hot cocoa recipes.

Lauren’s created four hot cocoa recipes below (each featuring a different Ground Up nut butter!) that will be sure to suit any palette or craving. They’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way!

Base for Healthy Hot Cocoa:


Option 1: CBD Lavender Honey


Option 2: Sea Salt + Hazelnut

  • 1 tbsp Ground Up's Oregon Hazelnut Butter

  • 1/4 tsp sea salt

  • Optional drizzle of maple syrup or adaptogen like reishi mushroom


Option 3: Coconut Cardamom

Option 4: Cinnamon Cookie Collagen

Optional Boosters To Any Combo -- collagen powder, adaptogens, or CBD oil

Featured: Sea Salt Hazelnut (bottom) + Cinnamon Cookie Collagen (top)

Featured: Sea Salt Hazelnut (bottom) + Cinnamon Cookie Collagen (top)

Healthy Hot Cocoa Instructions:

  1. Heat a stovetop pot over medium heat and add in coconut oil and chocolate pieces until melted, then stir in cacao powder, forming a paste at the bottom of the pot.

  2. Once mixed add in nut milk, dates and the additional ingredients required for whatever flavor combo you're making.

  3. Let warm over the stove-top at medium heat for 5-10 minutes. You want it steaming, but not boiling.

  4. Once everything is warm and mixed, pour into a blender and pulse until creamy, frothy and smooth.

  5. Serve in your fave mug and enjoy!