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Golden Milk Cashew + Coconut Butter

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Made in collaboration with our friends at Tea Bar, this Golden Milk nut butter is seriously divine. Infused with turmeric, cinnamon, pepper and ginger, this cashew-coconut butter has just a hint of zest and spice. Its sweet and savory flavor notes make it the perfect accompaniment for everything from your morning oatmeal to your evening salad dressing.

The best part? It’s unsweetened, so you can choose whether you want to go savory or sweet with it. Smear it on toast with a dash of honey and banana slices, mix it with olive oil and drizzle it on your grain bowl, or use it as a flavor boost in your smoothie. The options are endless.

Golden Milk is not only beautiful in color, but it is rich in anti-oxidants and great for your health, as well! Turmeric and ginger are both anti-inflammatory, and also help to improve digestion and circulation, among other things.

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