Our Team

Meet Judy

Operations Lead

Judy mastered our filling machine (which she lovingly nicknamed "Babe") and was an asset to our kitchen team. She graduated from our training program and joined our ops team!

Meet Dakota

Assistant Operations Manager II

Dakota is involved in all things operations at GU, but focuses primarily on our warehouse ops. She oversees order fulfillment, distributor pallets, grocery and much more!


Meet Asia

Asia manages our wholesale accounts, event logistics and so much more! Her main goal is to spread awareness about Ground Up and get our nut butters in as many stores as possible. We're grateful for her passion!

Lifting Womxn Up

Our team is comprised of womxn from all backgrounds and walks of life. We are proud to be a part of this inspiring team of capable, motivated and smart womxn. Womxn who are getting back on their feet, thanks to you.

Meet Jenn

Assistant Operations Manager

Jenn oversees our production kitchen and training program. With a culinary background, she's a master at taste testing and brings a positive energy to the space!

Meet Wendy

Director of Operations

Wendy leads all aspects of Ground Up’s operations, from planning and production to warehouse management and distribution. She also focuses on creating an inclusive work environment and ensuring everyone on our team is thriving in their roles!

Meet Hayley

Operations Lead

Hayley started as a Production Associate and quickly moved on to learn fulfillment too! She was recently promoted to the role of Operations Lead, where she's assisting with everything from fulfillment and warehousing to customer care.

Meet Zoë

Social Media & Marketing Associate

We're so excited to introduce you to Zoë, who recently joined our marketing team and has been doing an incredible job! Zoë brings passion, creativity and a hard work ethic to the GU team.

Meet McKenzie

Job Coach

McKenzie's role is to support and guide the womxn on the team as they navigate their journey with Ground Up and make decisions about what comes next. She is an amazing cheerleader and support!!

Meet Ashley

Kitchen Lead

Ashley is a super hard worker and has been an incredible addition to our production team! She also brings warmth and positivity to our team.

Meet Caro


Carolyn is the creative mastermind behind Ground Up's delicious and unique nut butter flavors, and oversees marketing, ecommerce and finance at Ground Up.


Meet Julie


Julie leads sales and partnerships at Ground Up, and as an avid athlete, nut butter is an easy sell for her! Julie also oversees Ground Up's employment training program.


Program Graduates

Meet Erika

Kitchen Lead + Marketing Intern

Erika was our Lead Filler, meaning she puts together and takes apart our filling machine (which is a very impressive task)! She also learned marketing and social media at Ground Up—and hopes to pursue work in that field upon graduating!

Meet Dotty

Program Graduate

Dotty just recently graduated from our Training Program! Not only did she master the production line, but she also learned how to mix! We can't wait to see how she goes on to #spreadgood in her community!

Meet Bonnie

Operations Lead

Bonnie joined our team in the last stages of her pregnancy, and hustled harder than anyone. Now, she has an adorable baby girl and is back on the team - still working hard.

Meet Sam

Kitchen Crew

Sam is not only one of our kitchen crew members, but she is also a talented artist! We appreciate her hard work, positive attitude and willingness to jump in wherever she's needed.


Meet Mandy

Kitchen Crew

You can find Mandy mixing, roasting coconut, lidding jars, and happily hopping in wherever they're needed. We're so grateful for their upbeat, positive attitude and the way they are always lifting others up - in true Ground Up spirit!

Meet Cian

Labeling Supervisor

Cian was a master at labeling and a core member of our kitchen crew! She always had a positive attitude and a smile on her face, despite what life throws her way.

Meet Melissa

Kitchen Crew

Melissa worked on our kitchen team, but during the holidays, she also stepped up to learn fulfillment! She's a hard worker and always willing to learn new tasks in order to help out + hop in when needed.

Meet Shawna

Kitchen Crew

Shawna was a pro in the kitchen... You could find her roasting coconut, filling jars or mixing nut butter. She is a huge fan of 2000's R&B and loves encouraging the team to take much needed dance breaks in the kitchen!

Meet Tiffany

Warehouse Manager

The first person to master our filling machine, Tiffany was a crucial member of our kitchen team. She has done nearly every role at Ground Up, ultimately becoming our Warehouse Manager (and lead forklift operator)!

Meet Stephanie

Production Apprentice

Stephanie has brought positivity, humor and an incredible work ethic to our kitchen team in her role as Production Apprentice.

Meet Sandra

Program Graduate

When asked about the community at Ground Up, Sandra says, “We respect each other, love each other, help each other through not just work but personal issues too. You can always trust that you have someone there for you.”

Meet J

Program Graduate

J could label for hours on end, with a smile on her face and music blasting in her headphones. She has now graduated from our training program and moved into full time employment at Transition Projects!

Meet Jessica

Kitchen Crew

Jessica was a creative, bright and energetic part of our kitchen crew! She loved coming up with clever "questions of the day" to ask at our morning team meetings, and she quickly became a pro in the kitchen!

Meet Gabrielle

Program Graduate

In the kitchen, Gabrielle’s favorite job was mixing nut butter. She's now moved on from Ground Up to work in security and continue to the next step on her career path!