Become a Butterbassador

Share nut butters, spread good,

and earn as you go

Feel Good, When You Spread Good

Share the treat of healthy nut butters, while

joining us in our mission to empower womxn.


the community! Sign up (+ purchase a Tasting Kit to get started)


the nut butters with your community (through sampling in-person or spreading the word on social media!)


(We give you everything you need for a fun and simple experience!)


10-20% commission on sales while giving your community access to good impact and great flavor.

What's in it for You

Free + discounted nut butter (plus cash commissions!)

Exclusive brand access and early access to sales

A supportive and inclusive community

"I not only LOVE nut butter, but I love supporting local and small businesses as well as participating with community organizations and non-profits. Ground Up‘s business model, with a motto of “not only for profit” pretty much satisfies all three of those categories for me so I was extremely excited to get involved."

- Charlotte C.

Ground Up Butterbassador, 2020

"The best part about being a Ground Up Butterbassador is re-connecting with old friends and making new ones! We all share an admiration for the honorable work this company is doing and, of course, love the tasty nut butters!"

- Trayce S.

Ground Up Butterbassador, 2020

I have enjoyed sharing my love for this company and the nut butters with so many people who never knew it existed! I have many friends who have developed their own obsession with all the things I love about Ground Up!

- Kim M.

Ground Up Butterbassador, 2020


What does it mean to be an Butterbassador?

To be a Butterbassador means you first and foremost love the nut butters! You love it so much that you may have already told your friend, and your sister, and your cousin twice removed. Now, as an Butterbassador, you can earn rewards every time you share about the nut butters that spread good.

What does a Tasting entail?

Tastings are an opportunity for friends to gather and hear more about Ground Up and sample the nut butters. You share the story of what drew you to Ground Up, and we give you everything you need to say and do! On top of it all, you get commission on every sale and each tasting gives you the chance to earn additional rewards.

How do I submit a Tasting and get rewards?

All Tastings may be booked in your Butterbassador Portal once you join.

How much can I earn?

Butterbassadors earn 10-20% commission on all sales depending on their sales volume for the month.

Do I get an affiliate link?

Yes. Each Butterbassador gets set up with their own custom and unique affiliate link to share with pals when they aren’t hosting a Tasting.

Do I have to pay a fee?

Nope! We get you set up with a Tasting Kit to make sure you’ve got nut butters on hand, but other than that, there are no startup fees. (And if the cost of a Tasting Kit is prohibitive for you, let us know! We'll be happy to work with you.)

What comes in the Tasting Kits?

Find out on this page HERE (and see below!)

Do I need sales experience?

Not at all! We give you everything you need to learn how to share the nut butters and invite your community to learn more.

How many hours does this take?

Being a Butterbassador is a choose-your-own adventure. Whether you’re all in and want to make this your gig or just want to spend a couple hours a week in a side-hustle, you decide what works best for you.

Is there a minimum I need to sell?

In order to remain in active Status, you must hit at least $500 in your sales between January - June or July - December. Should you go into Paused Status there are no fees or penalties and you can always reactivate when you’re ready.

The Tasting Kits

Full Kit

Mini Kit

All you need to get started as a Butterbassador...aka nut butter at a *discounted* price. Get your discount code in your welcome email!