She's Empowered Spotlight: Affouet Price, Founder of Hibisbloom

She's Empowered Spotlight: Affouet Price, Founder of Hibisbloom

"Choosing a path that makes me happy above all keeps me motivated."

We're so excited to introduce you to Affouet Price, founder of Hibisbloom. She created Hibisbloom to share her traditional West African cuisine with the world. Her hibiscus flower brews and cocktail mixers are delicious + refreshing! 

Tell us a little about you!

My name is Affouet Price, I am the founder and owner of Hibisbloom. Besides being a business owner, I am a wife and mother to a bubbly little 21 months old baby boy.

What do you do for work? Tell us about your professional journey

I am a Portland State School of Business alumni. After my bachelor degree in Marketing, I ended up starting a career rather in the supply chain and procurement industry working for corporate tech companies. But my career ended up short after motherhood. It was hard to go back to work after leaving my job to sustain a pregnancy and becoming a mother. So I had to absolutely rebrand myself.

How do you stay motivated?

I just stayed focused on my goals and my son kept me motivated to succeed for him. Choosing a path that makes me happy above all keeps me motivated.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in starting a business?

It is not just about a desire to have a business but a passion for what you choose to make a business out of it.

What are your favorite ways to #spreadgood in your community?

Be kind to people around me, a simple hello and smile goes a long way.

Who is one person who inspires you and why?

Is it cliche to say my mother? She is the strongest person I know. Her wisdom, strength and kind heart keep me in check in moments and stress and pressure.
She has sacrificed more than she should for me. We are now building a company together and I couldn't have been living this better with anyone else right now. She is my inspiration and my best friend.

How do you work to stay centered and practice self-care in your busy day-to-day reality?

I try to be as organized as possible. Keep my priorities in check for each week, plan ahead of time the best I can. It has definitely been very difficult to practice self care to be honest.

What do you like to do for fun, when you aren't working?

When I am not working, I love taking care of my plants from my backyard garden. This year gardening has been rather successful considering my busy schedule. Besides my flowers, It is just fun to harvest from my garden, I have a lil bit of green herbs, peppers, melons coming soon, zucchinis, japanese tomatoes and cucumbers green beans. Taking care of my grappes is also fun checking their progress. Gardening really keeps my mind off things and a great way to be distressed.

What are some of your favorite recipes with Ground Up?

I like to keep it simple with butter, jelly and toast. My son on the other hand is not a sweet tooth so no jelly for him but absolutely enjoys it by spooning a mouth full.

**Pro tip: a drizzle of Hibisbloom Cascade Vanilla Hibiscus Syrup + a dollop of our Cinnamon Snickerdoodle nut butter make an incredible pancake topping. Check out Affouet’s delicious creation! 


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