At Ground Up, we're committed to integrating sustainable alternatives and eliminating unnecessary waste. Over the past 7 years, we have grown quickly and are constantly adapting our processes to take better care of the planet.

Being sustainable is one more way we're spreading good!

Introducing: Jar Recyling!

We're so excited to be partnering with New Seasons Market + Bold Reuse to offer local customers a way to recycle their Ground Up jars, and allow for us to reuse them! For years customers have asked us if they can return jars to us for reuse, and while it’s always been a dream of ours—as a small business, we didn’t have the resources to make it happen on our own.

How It Works:
Once you’ve finished your Ground Up jar, rinse it out + bring it back to a Bold Reuse drop box at any New Seasons store. (You can also drop it off at our SE Portland HQ!)
Your jars will be washed, sanitized and then returned back to us to reuse.
It's that simple! Learn more here!
Please Note: We cannot accept lids for recycling, only empty jars. This program is limited to the greater Portland area only. If you live farther away and would like to send us back your jars to recycle, you're welcome to!

Reuse Your Ground Up Jars

If you need inspiration for how to reuse your Ground Up jars, check out how our team creatively recycles theirs! If you want to reuse your own Ground Up jars and remove the label, check out our recipe for Goo-Gone here.

Bonnie stores her beads in her GU jar. She has her own jewelry company, Speechless Jewelry, found on Etsy. Check it out here!

Tiffany uses her jars to make amazing homemade soy candles. Learn how to make your own here.

Shawna loves making her own moisturizing butters and storing them in GU jars! Learn more about her butters here.


Julie makes and stores homemade jams in her Ground Up jars.

Jayme makes these super cute fairy lights in her GU jars! Find out how to make your own here.


Erika loves to using her jars to store dog treats.

Sofi uses her jar to store homemade tea.

Sarah loves to use her GU jars as a vase for displaying dried and fresh flowers.

Kestrel uses her jar as handy pen holder.

Sustainable Practices at Ground Up



Our team has introduced a variety of incredible sustainable initiatives at Ground Up. A few years ago, the team noticed that we were using packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and plastic tape for our online orders. We were also encountering a lot of jar breakage (3-4 orders per month -- Eeek!). A group of Ground Up team members began planning how to solve this issue and cut down on waste. Through their hard work, Ground Up's custom packaging was born!


With this new packaging, we have drastically cut down jar breakage (only 1 report every few months), the amount of wasted product, eliminated single-use plastics from packaging, and reduced our carbon footprint from not needing to re-ship so many packages.




We also have a variety of recycling programs we use at our warehouse. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, and various metals through the city of Portland's recycling program.


For materials that don't qualify for the city's recycling program, we use a company called Ridwell instead! They are an amazing company that picks up directly at residential homes and workspaces in Portland and Seattle. Ridwell recycles styrofoam, soft plastics, lightbulbs and batteries (just to name a few!) and they have drastically cut down our waste at the warehouse.


We also recycle our broken pallets through a wonderful man that comes and picks them up directly at our warehouse to bring to the recycling center.


It's the Small Things:


A few other things we have introduced over the past year are:

- Custom paper-based tape that's easily recycled with our cardboard boxes

- We cut down on our printer usage and transitioned from using a laser-jet printer for our labels to a Rollo thermal printer. Not only does the Rollo printer not require ink (it's heat-based), but they also donate to charity with every purchase!

- To reduce our carbon footprint, we now offer free local pick-up at our warehouse and at the Farmers Market! If you live in Portland, simply select the pick-up option at check out.

Sustainable Products

Are you a huge Ground Up fan? Well you're in luck, you now you can purchase our nut butters in 4 lb bulk pails!


Our bulk pails are a wonderful addition to our sustainable product line. They are perfect for refilling your empty jars at home or for use straight from the pail. Plus they're reusable!

How Our Community is Reusing Jars

Butterbassador Gabby uses her jar to keep herbs fresh.

Gabby also uses her jars to store bulk dry goods!

Butterbassador Charlotte uses her jar as a vase.

Jacquelyn uses her jars to grow romaine lettuce!

Tessa reuses her jar as a cup to enjoy homemade smoothies + juices.

Many of our customers, like Mel, use their jars to make overnight oats for an on-the-go breakfast.