Behind the Scenes at Ground Up HQ! Follow the Jar

Behind the Scenes at Ground Up HQ! Follow the Jar

Welcome to the Ground Up headquarters - where all the nut butter magic happens! At our warehouse + production facility in Portland, Oregon, we do everything from mixing nut butters, to working on sales and marketing campaigns, to shipping out orders. But there's so much more that happens between all these steps!


In this blog post, we're showing you the behind-the-scenes process of creating our nut butters, and the many hands that touch our jars before they find their way to grocery stores (or your doorstep!).


At Ground Up, we provide job opportunities for womxn overcoming adversity. During their time working with us over the course of 6-9 months, womxn gain the skills and confidence they need to transition into their next phase of life. Learn more about our training program here and meet the womxn on our team here.

You can also check out a video of the process HERE.

First we receive shipments of our raw materials (mostly glass jars and a LOT of nuts!). Tiffany, our warehouse manager, uses the forklift to organize pallets for easy access on production days. Tiff navigates the forklift around the warehouse like nobody’s business!

Next, the team gets to work on the many steps involved in creating our nut butters! Molly, our production manager, starts production days off by asking a question of the day before divvying out kitchen roles. But before we get down to business, we have someone choose a playlist to play on the speaker. Music is essential for maximum productivity (and fun) in the kitchen!

First up on production days: unboxing, labeling, and dating jars! Cian, our labeling supervisor, manages this aspect of production - and does so with a big smile on her face! Fun fact: the batch dates on our jars are always written by hand.

While jars are being prepped, we start getting batches of nut butter ready!


Mandy, one of our mixers, carefully measures out ingredients, pours them into our industrial food processor, and starts grinding. After they blend for several minutes, they transform into our delicious nut butters! Next up, the mixer and our production manager taste test each batch for quality control and make adjustments as needed. It’s a hard job to taste test nut butter all day, but someone’s got to do it! :)

We then pour the nut butter into large bowls to transfer them from the mixing station to our filling station. This step is harder than it sounds! Bowls of nut butter are quite heavy, and pouring nut butter without spilling is a tedious process. This is definitely a two-person job!

We transfer the nut butter from the bowls to our filling machine next. For this step, our mixer passes off bowls to Erika, our filling lead, who carefully pours the nut butter into our filling machine. We make sure the filling machine is set to fill the correct amount of nut butter, and then Jessica fills the jars until the next batch is ready to be poured into the filler!

Next up, Christina lids the jars of nut butter, double check to make sure they’re tight, then Stacy tampers them shut with our signature gold tape.


The jars are loaded into cases and moved back onto pallets in the warehouse. Now they’re ready to be distributed to grocery stores and or packed for online orders!

For online orders, our shipping team packs jars into individual boxes, adds shipping information, and takes the packages to the post office at the end of the day to be shipped off to your homes! Judy and Bonnie pack each box with love + care - always while listening to an audiobook!


For local orders, we move packages to a designated shelf and wait for our customers to pick them up.

Once Bonnie and Judy are all done packing orders for the day, they load up the packages in a few wagons and take them to the post office across the street.


Judy and Bonnie relate the process of stacking boxes to playing Tetris!


Finally, the jars arrive at our customers’ homes and are ready to be enjoyed! We hope that our customers feel the love that went into each jar of nut butter, and all of the hands that went into creating their favorite treat.


What used to be a few bags of nuts and coconut transforms into delicious jars of Chunky Almond, Cashew + Coconut Nut Butter - like the one featured here!

And thats our process! Unlike other food companies, we produce and ship every jar of nut butter from our own facility in Portland, Oregon. With our employment training program for womxn overcoming adversity, it is important for us to keep these roles in-house, as it provides additional jobs for those in need.


When it comes to the importance of our team, the quote "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" couldn't be more accurate - each womxn plays an integral role in creating our nut butters, no matter what step along the process! We couldn’t accomplish what we do at Ground Up without even one of our amazing womxn. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our nut butter process by following a jar of Chunky Almond, Cashew + Coconut Nut Butter from start to finish!

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Joycelyn Adams November 29 2021

Do you sterilise your bottles before filling them?


Deanne Gillock July 28 2021

What great teamwork it takes to make such excellent nut butter! Each role is vital to the overall finished product- and I’m sure each woman loves and appreciates being apart of such a unique company! Well done!!

JC July 28 2021

Thank you for the excellent products & service!

Connie July 28 2021

Love your nut butters! Thank you for sharing the process and nice to see the individuals that work so hard to get our nut butter to us. Much appreciated!