She's Empowered Spotlight: Lauren Chew, Founder of Love + Chew

She's Empowered Spotlight: Lauren Chew, Founder of Love + Chew

Meet Lauren, founder of Love + Chew! This better-for-you brand makes delicious plant-based protein cookies in a variety of fun flavors. They not only create tasty treats, they're a fellow mission-driven company. They donate a portion of proceeds to an organization called Oasis for Girls. Keep reading to learn more about Lauren!

P.S. We collaborated with Love + Chew on a delicious Nice Cream recipe that you don't want to miss!

Tell us a little about you!

I’m Lauren, I’m 32 and I own Love + Chew Brands. I currently reside in San Francisco and Las Vegas with my 5 month old and husband.

What do you do for work? Tell us about your professional journey.

I own Love + Chew Brands, a plant-based protein cookie company. I started out my career working for SolarCity which was later acquired by Tesla. Afterwards, I worked at a small startup in the energy storage space, which helped commercial buildings shift energy usage outside of peak hours and operate more efficiently. I started my company because I was vegetarian for many years, and was introduced to the plant-based lifestyle by my stepmom about 5 years ago. I saw a need in the market for a clean-label protein snack using whole food ingredients and decided to launch my own products.

How do you stay motivated?

My “why” keeps me going every single day – which is to share clean, plant-based products and encourage everyone to eat a little more plant-based every day – it’s good for you & the planet!

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in starting a business?

I would say there are lower barriers to starting a business than ever before, but CPG is a very challenging industry due to high volumes and low margins. I would recommend doing your market research, talking to others in the industry and make sure you are truly passionate about what you’re building. Many people do not realize how expensive this industry is, but I don’t want that to discourage you!

What are your favorite ways to #spreadgood in your community?

We donate 5% of our revenue to our partner organization called Oasis for Girls, a local San Francisco based nonprofit that provides after-programming and internships for young girls ages 14-18 that come from marginalized and low-income communities. I am also a mentor in the program.

Who is one person who inspires you and why?

My mom inspires me – she has always been my biggest cheerleader and has never doubted my dreams. When she was in high school, her parents told her she couldn’t go to college. She ended up putting herself through college, worked as a RN, then worked corporate jobs in a few different fields, and finally ended up starting her own business. Her career path is far from traditional and made me realize that there is no limit from a young age.

How do you work to stay centered and practice self-care in your busy day-to-day reality?

Yoga is my ritual that helps me stay centered. It is the only time of the week that is just for me! I love taking the time to breathe while doing yoga, as well as the humbling experience of it all.

What do you like to do for fun, when you aren't working?

I had a baby at the beginning of the year, so I try to spend all of my free time with her!

What are some of your favorite recipes with Ground Up?

I love adding Ground Up to my smoothie of the day – it’s such a great way to add protein!

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