Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

Ashley has been working at Ground Up as a Production Apprentice since October 2022, and has become an integral member of our operations team! We're excited to introduce you to her today.

What has your experience with Ground Up been like? How has it helped your confidence? 

I have been able to advocate for myself and no longer ashamed to ask for help.

What does it mean to you to have a job and be back in the workforce?

Providing for the ones I love means the world to me.

What is one new skill you gained or thing that you learned about yourself through this experience?

I am now able to speak up when something is bothering me.

What is the community at Ground Up like? What does having this community mean to you?

A positive friendly community is important for me to work.

What do you like to do for fun? 

I love to sing and crochet / knit blankets and cook

What is your favorite Ground Up nut butter flavor + favorite way to enjoy it?

Chocolate Pecan Turtle or Cinnamon Churro! I enjoy them in smoothies & by the spoonful.

What do you hope to do after Ground Up / what is your dream job?

My plan is to continue factory work.

How do you feel that Ground Up has prepared you for your next step?

Giving me the confidence I need to get a job and be back in the workforce.

Anything else you want to share?

I love how everyone is so willing to help each other.

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