She's Empowered Spotlight: Robin Plotnik, Founder of What Robin Eats

Robin Plotnik founder of what robin eats

" I believe that a strong body equals a healthy mind and hope to encourage everyone to live a more balanced life."

We’re so excited to introduce you to the next gal in our She’s Empowered series! Meet Robin of @whatrobineats. We’ve loved connecting with Robin and consistently learn more amazing ways to use our nut butter just by following along with her journey on Instagram!

Also - check out Robin's decadent Stuffed French Toast with a Snickerdoodle Drizzle!

Tell us a little bit about you! 

I'm a certified nutritionist who has a passion for a healthy lifestyle. I've worked in gyms from San Diego to New York City and now work with clients all over the country via my website, I worked as a fashion model, modeling lookbooks, editorials, and runways for over 10 years. When I'm not writing nutrition plans for my clients or creating recipes in the kitchen for @WhatRobinEats, you can find me with my eight month old baby girl Poppy, my husband Joel, and hairless cat Aero. I believe that a strong body equals a healthy mind and hope to encourage everyone to live a more balanced life. 

What's the story behind your blog, What Robin Eats? 

Being in the fashion industry for ten years, the big question was “what do models eat?”. What started as a hashtag seven years ago became a passion for me. I knew I loved nutrition but never looked at cooking with an artistic eye. I began plating my food with care and putting my “strange but good” toast combos out there for everyone to see. After 2 1/2 years @WhatRobinEats has become more than an Instagram full of food, there is a community that has grown through healthy breakfasts, comfort food hacks, and fitness events. I encourage my audience to tag their #ToastTuesday creations with #ToastLikeRobin every Tuesday and add a nut butter syrup drizzle to just about everything. @WhatRobinEats is a place for people to be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and eating food that’s sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

When you're not creating amazing recipes, how are you spending your time? 

With my sweet baby girl, Poppy! I became a mom eight months ago and it has completely changed my life for the better. Yes, it’s the toughest job I’ve ever had but it brings me endless joy. I love being her mom!

What ingredient is your kitchen NEVER without?

Nut butter, cinnamon, bananas, eggs, and probiotic yogurt.

How do you stay inspired?

Flipping through monthly Bon Appetit magazines and browsing food photography on Pinterest. 

What are your favorite ways to #spreadgood in your community?

Nut butter syrup drizzles, staying positive, and a whole lotta Poppy videos.

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