Meet Dotty

Meet Dotty

We're so excited to celebrate our most recent graduate from our Training Program: Dotty!


What has your experience at Ground Up been? How has it helped your self-confidence? 

I've learned so many different stations on the production line, and even how to mix! I loved it! My experience has given me confidence in my work and having people believe in me.


What does it mean to you to have a job opportunity and be back in the workforce? 

Fellowship — working for a place I love and want to come to work for. I love the workshops and the prep it has given me for jobs outside of Ground Up.


What is one new skill you gained or one thing that you learned about yourself through this experience? 

Interview skills! I am always looking for new ways to look at answering employers' questions!


What is the community at Ground Up like? What does having this community mean to you?

It's absolutely wonderful! It meant a lot knowing I could trust people and be entirely myself.  


What do you like to do for fun? 

Bowling, gardening, playing games on my phone, and watching Below Zero.


What is your favorite way to enjoy Ground Up nut butters? 

Peanut butter + jelly style!


What do you plan to do after Ground Up? 

After taking some well-deserved time off, I plan to meet with McKenzie too apply for some new and exciting opportunities.


How do you feel that Ground Up prepared you for your next step? 

The workshops (communication, interview skills) have been really informative and helpful. I also really appreciate office hours and the ability to connect with other employees. 


Anything else you want to share? 

For people looking to find experience working for a business, the program is a wonderful way to do that.


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